lic.iur. Ladina Sturzenegger reviews and experiences

Date: 08.01.2014

Mrs. Sturzenegger is an excellent top lawyer. She is very trustworthy and competent in all her work. I can highly recommend them and would hire them again at any time.

Date: 24.10.2013

Mrs. Sturzenegger's achievements in child rights are simply brilliant. Mrs. Sturzenegger has acted with a lot of competence, admirable commitment and above all empathy for the benefit of the child and in the interest of the client. The lawyer was on record in a very short time. In a short time she was able to analyse the complex legal aspects and convince the authorities with her experience, professional competence, the necessary determination, convincing arguments and outstanding approach that action must be taken immediately for the benefit of the child. What Mrs Sturzenegger did for the toddler and the father can hardly be expressed in words and points. That is why I am so grateful for what I have achieved. I am convinced that Mrs. Sturzenegger not only provides top services in matters of matrimonial, cohabiting and child law, but also in all other fields of activity she offers. Ms. Ladina Sturzenegger, lawyer, also sees the people behind her cases. True to the motto summum ius, summa iniuria (highest right equals highest injustice) she is one of the few lawyers I know who is able to distinguish the contents of the words right and justice. Ms. Ladina Sturzenegger, attorney at law, has a particularly good reputation due to her humanity. Dealing with her clients, convinces through professional competence and is absolutely recommendable for many other reasons.