advolaw GmbH reviews and experiences

Date: 13.04.2019

Excellent! Competent consulting

Date: 02.03.2018

Review from Philipp Wengi

Unfortunately, Mrs Binggeli made a petition to the court without consultation. The quality is absolutely deficient from my point of view. I would have liked to have put the argumentation differently (as discussed in advance). For the well 3 page document and a conversation 2500.00 were required. Absolute insolence.

Date: 05.01.2018


Date: 12.01.2015

A great lawyer! With Mrs. Binggeli I felt safe and very well represented. She stood up for me and my rights! Thank you.

Date: 17.03.2006

Friendly but hard to negotiate. Thanks to his English we were able to save some extra costs. I never want to need a lawyer again, but if I did, I would always go back to Mr. Ordás. Fee as with all lawyers expensive, but in comparison very ok.

Date: 16.03.2006

Excellent work, speedy and reasonable in price.