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Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo, Zürich

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Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo

Rechtsanwältin / Avvocato Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo

Freigutstrasse 8
8002 Zürich

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Telephone:00 41 44 520 08 91
Téléfax:00 41 44 520 07 36
Dienstleistungen zum Fixpreis:
CHF 300 pauschalLegal advice
CHF 320 pauschalContract Check
CHF 330 pauschalTranslations
Hourly rate from CHF 280 to CHF 380. Areas of Prac...
Hourly rate:
from CHF 280 to CHF 380
Areas of Practice:
Building and planning law
  Building law
  Expropriation law
  Planning law
  Private insurance law
  Healthcare law
Commercial law
  Company law
  Licence law
  Transportation law
Intelectual property law
  Anti-trust and competition law
  Trade mark law
  Media law
  Design law
  Copyright law
  Advertising law
International law
  Private law (international)
  Mutual judicial assistance (international)
Bankruptcy and procedural law
  Debt-collection and bancruptcy law
  Probate law (planning)
Criminal law
  Ciminal law (general)
  Law on protection of crime victims
  Criminal procedure law
  Traffic law
  Administrative criminal law
  Business criminal law
Contract law
  Law of employement
  Sale of goods
  Tenancies and leases law
  Law on contracts for services and mandate
  Travel law
  Information technology law
  Distribution contract law
  Equal treatment law
Administrative law
  Data protection law
  Telecommunications law
  Energy law
  Medicine law
Civil law
  Matrimonial and cohabitation law
  Inheritance law
  Law on persons, associations and foundations
  Law of property
  Divorce law
  Civil procedure law
1h für Fr. 200
Further Information: * Strafverteidigerin...
Languages: Italian, German, English
Year of patent:2009
Member:Swiss Bar Association

* Strafverteidigerin: Wirtschaftsstrafrecht (z.B. Diebstahl, Betrug, Veruntreuung, Ungetreue Geschäftsbesorgung, Bestechung, Urkundenfälschung, Industriespionage); Cyberkriminalität, Verkehrsrecht; Drogen- und Gewaltdelikte;
* Unternehmensnachfolge;
* Beratung für KMU, CEO's und Verwaltungsräte:
* Vertretungen auch im Tessin, z.B. Lugano und Bellinzona;
* Rufen Sie mich unverbindlich an!

The last 3 of total 52 reviews of Dominique Calcò Labbruzzo:

Date 13.03.2019

Review from 

knows how to listen when they present the problem, punctually and very aggressively

Date 21.02.2019

Review from 

Mr Calcò was very courteous from the outset and assisted us promptly. We particularly appreciated your transparency with regard to the outcome of the file and your willingness to respond to all our requests, even in a very short time. Without a doubt, Mr. Calcò's language skills are excellent both in German and in Italian and English, which helped us to understand all aspects of the practice.

Date 05.02.2019

Review from 

Professionalism and availability excellent.

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