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Fricker Füllemann Rechtsanwälte

Rechtsanwalt MLaw Fabian Füllemann

Merkurstrasse 25
8400 Winterthur

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Hourly rate from CHF 275. Areas of Practice: Build...

Prices / Hourly rate:

from CHF 275

Areas of Practice:

Building and planning law
  Building law
  Planning law
Commercial law
  Company law
  Stock exchange law and capital market law
Intelectual property law
  Copyright law
Bankruptcy and procedural law
  Debt-collection and bancruptcy law
  Probate law (planning)
Tax law
  Corporate taxation
  Taxations of natural persons
  Value added tax
  Social security contributions
Criminal law
  Ciminal law (general)
  Law on protection of crime victims
  Criminal procedure law
  Traffic law
  Administrative criminal law
  Business criminal law
Contract law
  Law of employement
  Sale of goods
  Tenancies and leases law
  Law on contracts for services and mandate
  Information technology law
Administrative law
  Law of asylum
  Civil service law
  Data protection law
  Education law
  Constitutional law
  Environmental law
  Administrative law (general)
  Law on public tenders
  Telecommunications law
  Energy law
  Healthcare law
  Medicine law
  Public procedural law
  Matrimonial and cohabitation law
  Inheritance law
  Minors law
  Law on persons, associations and foundations
  Law of property
  Children's rights
  Civil procedure law
Further Information: Languages: German, English ...
Languages: German, English
Year of patent:2016
Member:Swiss Bar Association

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Date 07.01.2021

Review from 

March 2019 I got into a deadly, hopeless whirlpool of false accusations because of a divorce initiated by my wife completely through no fault of my own and thereby threatened to go down mercilessly in matters of divorce criminal care and contract law until November 2020. In my predicament I had previously been to 12 Winterthur, Schaffhausen, Zurich and Thurgau lawyers and paid over 15000 francs for initial interviews, empty words and rejections. An RA R.G. from Canton SH even blackmailed me one day before my matrimonial hearing, saying he would drop the mandate unless I paid him 3500 francs in advance on the same day.... By pure chance I came across the law firm Fricker und Füllemann, Winterthur, on the Internet in November 2020. I thank God for that !!! Since the first hour I feel in the best hands with the law firm Fricker and Füllemann, especially Mr. RA Füllemann. One finds open ears here and receives an honest, competent assessment of the factual situation. Since then, Mr. Füllemann has been guiding me step by step, understandingly, tactically cleverly and with all legally available means purposefully, competently, reliably and successfully back into my blameless, normal life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart, Mr. Füllemann ! So far I can only give you my BEST RECOMMENDATION ! Updates will follow... H from SH