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lic.iur. Guido Ranzi, Chur

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lic.iur. Guido Ranzi

Quaderstrasse 5
7001 Chur


Areas of Practice: Legal liability and insurance l...
Areas of Practice:
Legal liability and insurance law
Criminal law
Contract law
Civil law
Further Information: Languages: German, English,...
Languages: German, English, French, Italian
Year of patent:1992
Member:Swiss Bar Association

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Date 22.07.2019

Review from 

My legal insurance recommended Mr. Ranzi to me. I got the first appointment very fast and he took a good hour of his time. Then followed a letter to my employer. After that was almost a month of radio silence - he was on vacation until mid-July . Then I wrote that I had received a declaration of consent as to whether I should sign it - he also got it from the employer (I shouldn't do anything without his consent). Again, there was no answer - it's been over a week now - so I had to decide for myself. Too bad, then you just can't get answers to very important mails. It wasn't right for me at all. I'm afraid I can't recommend it.

Date 25.08.2015

Review from 

Mr. Ranzi is very detailed, competent and detailed in his approach. As a client, I expect my concern to be approached with full commitment from start to finish, and I and we have ALWAYS received this from Mr Ranzi. Mr Ranzi kept me constantly informed about the current state of affairs and, in the event of ambiguities, I could always ask for advice. Our concerns have so far been decided, through his efforts, only in our favour.

Date 24.08.2015

Review from 

After more than 15 years in which Mr. Ranzi has represented me, I have won all the longstanding court decisions. He was available at all times for further action and the state of affairs and was able to provide information within a very short time. Thus my evaluation falls on very well and I would always recommend Mr. Ranzi.

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