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lic.iur. Markus Wyttenbach

Fachanwalt SAV für Strafrecht, lic.iur.; M.B.L.-HSG Markus Wyttenbach

Florastrasse 44
8008 Zürich

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Hourly rate from CHF 300. Areas of Practice: Mutua...

Prices / Hourly rate:

from CHF 300

Areas of Practice:

  Mutual judicial assistance (international)
Criminal law
  Ciminal law (general)
  Military penal law
  Law on protection of crime victims
  Criminal procedure law
  Traffic law
  Administrative criminal law
  Business criminal law
  Tenancies and leases law
Further Information: Specialist Attorney SA...
Languages: German, English, French
Year of patent:1992
Member:Swiss Bar Association

Specialist Attorney SAV Criminal Law Member Pikett Strafverteidigung Author tenancy law for the practice, Author Handbooks for the legal practice, residential and commercial rentals

The last 3 of total 14 reviews of lic.iur. Markus Wyttenbach:

Date 05.07.2019

Review from 

Mr. lic.iur Wyttenbach represented us at the arbitration board regarding a rent increase. Mr. lic.iur Wyttenbach was assigned to us by the tenants' association, for which we were very grateful. Mr. Wyttenbach cultivated a reliable, uncomplicated communication and also short-term appointments were possible with him. We benefited from his expertise in tenancy law, his networking with other attorneys, arbitration authorities, etc. Our concerns have always been dealt with competently. We gladly recommend Mr. lic.iur. Wyttenbach to our circle of friends.

Date 18.06.2019

Review from 

The bare disaster, not even able to draw up a Swiss employment contract correctly and it will forget the place of jurisdiction. Catastrophic client management, where it takes hours to rip off, proceedings over 1 year delayed because lawsuits were not filed... Result after 4.5 years of proceedings for nothing in CH, as no place of jurisdiction in Switzerland: existence broken, health and environment run down and damage of over 1 million CHF. I hope this will deter as many clients as possible, dear Mr. RA Hischier, Wytenbach and Spahni. Attention here it concerns besides no Kanzlei but an office community...of rip-offs and incompetents.

Date 18.09.2018

Review from 

Tiptop, very competent, efficient way of working, straightforward communication. It was a matter of rent (business premises) in front of the conciliation body. We did not have to go any further, because with the support of Mr. Wyttenbach we were able to enforce our right almost 100% from the beginning.

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