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Advokatur Renzo Guzzi, Zürich

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Advokatur Renzo Guzzi

lic. iur Renzo Guzzi

Rötelstrasse 135
8037 Zürich

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Telephone:+41 (0)44 201 44 60
Hourly rate from CHF 220 to CHF 450. Areas of Prac...
Hourly rate:
from CHF 220 to CHF 450
Areas of Practice:
Criminal law
Civil law
  Divorce law
  Civil procedure law
Further Information: Languages: German, French, ...
Languages: German, French, Italian
Year of patent:1978
Member:Swiss Bar Association

The last 3 of total 31 reviews of Advokatur Renzo Guzzi:

Date 23.01.2019

Review from 

Renzo Guzzi accompanied me during 3 years in a very difficult divorce procedure, during which I had to look into very deep human abysses in the meantime. Without him, I probably would have been badly bruised in every way. He led me through this terrible time farsightedly with a lot of experience and if it was necessary also with uncompromising hard hand, so that in the end only a little more a black eye remained for me. I can highly recommend him especially to men who involuntarily find themselves in a war waged by the opposite side under any level and with any unappetizing means. How he sometimes puts counter-attorneys in their place is also absolutely worth seeing.

Date 09.02.2018

Review from 

Mr. RA Renzo Guzzi is a great strategist and cannot be influenced by anything. He is extremely determined, admiringly responsive to his clients and fights for them. Separation, divorce, there's only one lawyer for that, and his name is Renzo Guzzi. I can only recommend Mr. Guzzi. Thank you again, Mr. Guzzi. D. H.

Date 12.03.2015

Review from 

Maintenance for initial training: Mr. Guzzi accompanied me for about two years in a very difficult process. I could not have received better support and I am extremely grateful to his team and to him. It was almost ready to be filmed how he put the other party in its place. I can now finally study calmly and relieved without having to worry at the end of the month. I can also say on a human level that Mr Guzzi is very wise and well-read. I'm sure other lawyers would have pushed the envelope on this case. I couldn't have had a better lawyer than him and I can only recommend him!!!!! Thank you very much Mr. Guzzi :)

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