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Effingerstrasse 1
3001 Berne

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Areas of Practice: Commercial law, Areas of Practi...

Areas of Practice:

Commercial law
  Company law
International law
  Private law (international)
Contract law
  Sport law
Administrative law
  Energy law
Civil law
Further Information: Languages: German, English,...
Languages: German, English, French
Year of patent:1999
Member:Swiss Bar Association

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Date 02.11.2019

Review from Herbert Müller

Disappointing One would think that with a lawyer with an hourly rate clearly over 300 Fr. at least everything runs like clockwork. Nothing. First, the positive news: the intended real estate donation in France was settled. E-mails were also answered within a reasonable period of time. Now to the mishaps: - First, Mr Frésard, an expert in real estate transactions in France, accepted my assignment. After 4 weeks without news I asked him what was going on. Answer (at least honestly): he had forgotten me. - The notary in France who was supposed to handle the transfer of the property did nothing. Mr. Frésard waited far too long. I had to get him to drive the French notary. This double loss of time should lead to very unpleasant complications due to death. - Of 2 French property valuations (prepared on my behalf), one was completely wrong. I hoped that Mr. Frésard would clarify where the problem lies and did a lot of preparatory work (detailed comparison of the two estimates). Answer by analogy: he does not understand the discrepancy between the two evaluations either. Later, I found the problem more precisely and confronted the real estate company with it. They had to admit the blatant mistake - about 60,000 euros too low. This made the transaction with Mr. Frésard afterwards untrustworthy and led to a serious misallocation of money, and possibly future additional costs for me (situation not quite clear). - As a final bouquet, the reminder of the last invoice, which I apparently had not paid, was only sent after 6 months. Do you remember if you paid a bill six months ago? I'm not.